Your question: How did the Indian Ocean trade impact East Africa?

The Swahili city-states: Indian Ocean trading connections transformed Africa’s east coast from a mostly agricultural farming system and fishing villages to a vital hub on global trading networks. Over time, many of these small villages along the Indian Ocean coast developed into powerful trading city-states.

How did the Indian Ocean trade affect East Africa?

How did the Indian Ocean trade affect East Africa? Trade gave rise to civilization known as Swahili. … And East African civilization that took shape as a set of commercial city states stretching along the East African coast.

How did trade impact East Africa?

How did trade affect the peoples of East Africa? It expanded their territory and increased the creation of city-states. … Although trade brought goods, it also brought along with it foreign ideas, beliefs, and customs to the country carried by the people.

What were the effects of Indian Ocean trade?

Contact: As all trade networks did, the Indian Ocean trade fostered the exchange of ideas, such as Buddhism to Southeast Asia, and Islam across Eurasia.

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How did the Indian Ocean trade affect the environment?

Environmental impact of human activity

European colonial exploitation of Indian Ocean resources resulted in the first clear evidence of the degradation of both the terrestrial and oceanic environments. Deforestation, cultivation, and guano mining have had undesirable effects on terrestrial ecosystems.

What were some negative effects of the Indian Ocean trade?

1. The coming of the Portuguese led to the introduction of new companies with corrupt officials who were only interested in benefitting themselves. 2. The constant resistance between the coastal city states and the Portuguese destabilised the trade.

What diseases were spread on the Indian Ocean trade?

. David Arnold in ‘The Indian Ocean as a Disease Zone, 1500-1950′ discusses the diffusion of cholera, smallpox, plague and influenza in the Indian Ocean area.

Why was East Africa a good location for trade?

Trade thrived in East Africa because the region supplied gold and ivory that was scarce outside Africa. In return, Muslim traders from Arabia brought luxury goods that could not be found in Africa.

Why was trade so central to East African culture?

Trade affected the culture of coastal Africa because Muslims introduced the religion of Islam to East Africa. Also the most widely spoken Bantu language in Africa, Swahili, developed in this area, with some Arab words. … Among the greatest of the East African city-states were Malindi. Mombasa, Great Zimbabwe, and Kilwa.

Which was one of the most important ports of the Indian Ocean trade?

Singapore Port, the most important in the region and second busiest port in the world based on container traffic and cargo tonnage, is located in the Strait of Malacca. Linking Indian and Pacific Oceans, the Strait plays a pivotal role in the global commerce.

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When was Indian Ocean trade at its highest?

During the medieval era (400–1450 CE), trade flourished in the Indian Ocean basin.

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