Your question: Which African country is major producer of cotton?

Mali has now emerged as the number one producer of cotton in Africa, edging Burkina Faso out of the place it held for more than a decade, according to a report from Radio France International (RFI), the French public radio service.

What African countries grow cotton?

Tanzania is by far the largest organic cotton producing country on the continent, followed by (in order of volume) Uganda, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Senegal. Currently, most of Africa is GM-free.

Which African country grows cotton jeans?

Agriculture in Mali employs around 70% of the population with around 40% of the rural population dependent on cotton production as one of the country’s leading exports.

What was Africa’s main export?

Mineral fuels, including oil, hold the largest share of exports with $5.1bn making up 19.5% of total exports. The second biggest sector is gems and precious metals at $2.1bn, accounting for 8.2% of all exports.

How much cotton does Africa produce?

The region now produces over one million tonnes of cotton, compared to 200 000 tonnes in the 1970s. Most is exported as seed or lint, with the key exception of Nigeria which consumes most of the cotton produced (either processed into oil or textiles).

Is cotton grown in West Africa?

A in West Africa

It accounts for nearly two-thirds of Africa’s total cotton production. cotton-producing countries, eight are in West Africa. The rest of Africa’s cotton is distributed among four zones along a North–South strip stretching from the Nile Valley to South Africa.

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