How can I travel to Kenya from Nigeria?

Nigerian passport holders require a visa to travel to Kenya, but rest assured the Kenya visa process is an easy one! Travellers can apply for the Kenyan e-visa for tourists online through eVisa. Once you’ve downloaded your e-visa, simply present it to port officials upon arrival, and you’re all set.

Can a Nigerian travel to Kenya right now?

Kenya has several clean beaches and many other admirable tourist attractions. … There are several African countries whose citizens do not require a visa to enter Kenya. Nigerian citizens, however, need an appropriate Kenya visa in order to gain entry into the country.

Do I need a visa to go to Kenya from Nigeria?

Kenya visa for citizens of Nigeria is required.

What do I need to travel from Nigeria to Kenya?

Visa Requirements

  1. Passport valid for at least six months, with at least one blank page for entry stamp.
  2. Fully completed Kenyan visa application form.
  3. Two recent passport photograph.
  4. Birth certificates if traveling with children.
  5. Yellow fever and cholera vaccination proof.
  6. Family pictures and marital certificate if applicable.
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How much does it cost to go to Kenya from Nigeria?

The cheapest way to get from Nigeria to Kenya is to fly which costs $230 – $650 and takes 10h 8m. What is the fastest way to get from Nigeria to Kenya? The quickest way to get from Nigeria to Kenya is to fly which costs $330 – $850 and takes 5h 53m.

How much is Nigeria visa from Kenya?

If you choose Standard, the total price of the visa is USD 175.00. For Rush, the total amount is USD 205.00. And, if you choose Super Rush, the total cost is USD 235.00.

How much is Kenya visa fee?

Types of visas and the fee charged

Single entry visa $ 51
Transit visa $ 21
Courtesy Visa Gratis
Multiple Entry Visa [6 months or 1 year] $ 101
Referred Visa $ 51

How much is Nigeria to Kenya by road?

Road trip planner

The total cost of driving from Lagos, Nigeria to Nairobi, Kenya (one-way) is $532.42 at current gas prices. The round trip cost would be $1,064.84 to go from Lagos, Nigeria to Nairobi, Kenya and back to Lagos, Nigeria again.

Is Kenya visa free to Canada?

Do Canadian Citizens Need a Visa for Kenya? Yes, Canadian citizens are required to have a visa in order to legally enter Kenya.

Can I go to Kenya without visa?

Kenya, as far as that is concerned, has a pretty lenient visa policy. … Since they are visa exempt, only a passport is necessary to enter the country, and there’s no need to Get a Kenyan visa. The only exceptions to this rule involve the citizens of Rwanda and Uganda. They can travel to Kenya only with their ID cards.

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Do I need visa to enter Kenya?

A passport with at least two blank pages, six months’ validity, and a visa are required to enter Kenya. Single-entry visas are available online. Multiple-entry visas must be applied for prior to traveling to Kenya.

What is the average cost of living in Kenya?

Summary: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,770$ (192,767KSh) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 494$ (53,794KSh) without rent. Cost of living in Kenya is, on average, 49.44% lower than in United States.

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