How do I apply for a Mexican visa from Nigeria?

Is it easy to get Mexico visa from Nigeria?

As a Nigerian citizen, you cannot travel to Mexico without getting a visa regardless of your purpose there. You have to apply for one at the nearest Mexican embassy. While iVisa cannot help you obtain the former, it provides a simple application process for the latter. …

Can I travel to Mexico from Nigeria now?

Citizens of Nigeria visiting Mexico for tourism or business do not require a Mexico visa as long as they hold a valid United States visa, or have permanent resident status in Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, or Schengen countries. Mexico tourist visa is required for citizens of Nigeria.

How much is Mexico visa fee?


Visa Fee USD
Visitors without authorization for lucrative activities (TOURISM, BUSINESS OR TRANSIT) $36.00
Visitors with authorization for lucrative activities (WORK VISA) $36.00
Temporary Residence Visa $36.00
Student Visa $36.00

How hard is it for a Mexican to get a visa?

They won’t be given a visa unless they can prove they’re well off. for the ones that are well off financially (which is the great majority of mexicans who go on tourism to the USA) it is not very difficult to get a visa. If you are well off (studying or with steady job, money in the bank account, etc) it’s pretty easy.

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Can I get a Nigerian visa online?

Application for Nigerian Visas can now be completed online from anywhere on the globe. Application guidelines are also available online.

Can I get a Mexican visa online?

The online Mexico visa is called an Electronic Travel Authorization (Sistema de Autorización Electrónica, SAE), and is valid for one entry, and allows the holder a maximum stay of 180 days in Mexico. However, you can only get a Mexico visa online if you intend to travel by air.

Does Mexico have embassy in Nigeria?

Welcome. Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Mexico in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. … The Embassy of Mexico is in Number 2409, Deng Xiaoping Street, Asokoro District, in the Nigerian Capital, Abuja and it is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 hours.

Is there Mexico Embassy in Lagos?

Contact details for the Mexican consulate in Lagos

The consulate of Mexico in Lagos is located at 214B Eti Osa Street, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi and can be contacted by telephone on 805 555 5101 as well as by email and

How do I book an appointment at Mexican Embassy in Nigeria?

How To Apply For A Mexico Visa Appointment In Nigeria

  1. Visit MEXITEL to book appointment for Mexican visa application.
  2. Choose a username and password to begin.
  3. Enter your details and mother’s surname.
  4. Choose “MEXITEL (Embassies and Consulates)” and click on “Accept”.

Can I apply for Mexico visa now?

add remove How early can I apply for a Mexico visa online? The earliest date to apply for a Mexico visa is two months before the date of travel to the country. In order to allow for adequate time for visa processing, it is advisable that all visa applications are submitted at least ten days prior to travelling.

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