Where can I get Lithuanian visa in Nigeria?

Therefore, you can apply for Lithuania short-stay visas through the French embassy in Nigeria.

Is Lithuania visa free for Nigerians?

Lithuania tourist visa is required for citizens of Nigeria. Visa applications should be submitted for a maximum of 6 months, and no later than 15 days, before the trip. IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, at this time, VisaHQ does not provide full service for tourist visas to Lithuania.

How do you get to Lithuania from Nigeria?

The most affordable way to get from Nigeria to Lithuania is to fly, which costs $270 – $700 and takes 17h 4m. What is the fastest way to get from Nigeria to Lithuania? The quickest way to get from Nigeria to Lithuania is to fly which costs $390 – $1,000 and takes 12h 54m.

Is there any Lithuania embassy in Nigeria?

The consulate in Lagos is not the only diplomatic representation of Lithuania in Nigeria. On this page you can also find all other Lithuanian consulates located in Nigeria. For an appointment at the Lithuanian consulate in Nigeria, please check in first instance the consulate website .

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Can I travel to Lithuania from Nigeria now?

Yes, you can travel to other Schengen countries in Europe with a Lithuania Schengen Visa for citizens of Nigeria.

Is it easy to get Lithuania visa?

In general, Lithuania is the easiest country to obtain a Schengen Visa from, with officials granting 98.7 percent of applications. More information on the Schengen Area of countries and visas. The standard fee for processing your Schengen Visa application is €80 for adults and €40 for minors.

Do I need a visa to go to Lithuania?

you can travel to countries in the Schengen area for up to 90 days in any 180-day period without a visa. … if you are travelling to Lithuania and other Schengen countries without a visa, make sure your whole visit is within the 90-day limit.

How much is Lithuania visa fee?

Lithuania Visa Fees

A fee of 60 Euros is charged for all types of Lithuanian visa. Furthermore, the fee is only payable in Euros.

How many hours is Nigeria to Lithuania?

Flying time from Nigeria to Lithuania

The total flight duration from Nigeria to Lithuania is 6 hours, 58 minutes.

How long does it take to get Lithuania visa?

A Lithuanian Visa D typically costs €80 ($94), with a residence permit costing an extra €28 ($33). The average visa processing time is two weeks, but you can begin the application process up to six months before you travel.

Is Malta Embassy in Nigeria?

Malta has a Honorary Consulate in Nigeria, which is located at No.108, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja Lagos. The official postal address is P.O Box 2688, Ikeja Lagos while the official email address is maltaconsul.lagos@gov.mt.

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How can I get work permit in Lithuania?

How to Get a Work Visa in Lithuania: The Application Process

  1. A foreign national accepts a job offer from an employer in Lithuania.
  2. The potential employee submits the relevant documents to the employer.
  3. The employer submits the work permit application to the Lithuanian Labour Exchange.

Does Latvia have embassy in Nigeria?

If you intend to apply for Latvia tourist, business or visit visa in Nigeria, you should note that Latvia currently does not have a diplomatic mission or embassy in Nigeria, but the Swedish embassy handles all form of visa applications on behalf of Latvia.

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